Street Retro - Scam


Been ordering shoes from there old website and of course the shoes are not real but they where in good condition but I had got an email saying that will no longer process payments go to their new website Well my wife first tried to buy some shes from shoesaround and they where right it didnt process after she tried multiple times then she went to street retro and did it.

Next thing you know somebody manual typed in her card number in Beijing. Website is a scam. There is nobody to talk to all you can do is email. Customer service is....well what customer service.

Just horrible. It was a good website at first now I believe its a scam.

Review about: Jordan Shoes.

Monetary Loss: $121.

Street Retro - Do NOT Buy Foamposites from


My friend purchased a pair of eggplant foamposites from streetretro, and they were beyond awful. I have numerous authentic foamposites and the fake ones don't even compare.

The fake eggplant pair from streetretro were hideous and the material was so cheap that they began to wrinkle after only a few wears. The carbon fiber plate is imitated with an awkward chessboard-Hot Topic belt design. The site charged him $150 and all I could do is laugh at how bad they ripped him off.

Save the $150 and put it towards a real pair of foams. Side note: Even the Air Jordans from streetretro are unwearable.

Review about: Street Retro Foamposites.

Monetary Loss: $150.

Street Retro - Pissed custermer

Hong Kong, Hong Kong 1 comment

On january,13 i had ordered 2 pairs of Jordan'sA size for men which was 12 and a childSize which was 11c ordered the same day Paid for both the same day,i received An email confirming that it has beenShipped...took forever, went to pickedUp in post office one one pair of Jordan'sThe size 12 for men....ever since january,2013I been trying to reach through email whichIt says no such Website, I'm a very pissed cusmer i want myMoney back......Never ever again i will purchues From this company people read yahoocomment....


Newark, New Jersey, United States #621851

never recieved a pair of jordon sneakers size 11c for childern

pain for.....orderd two pairs same day and paid,only recieved one pair size 12 for men dont understand :(

Street Retro - Horrible Service and business

Jacksonville, Florida 0 comments
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Street Retro website is a scam. I purchased a Jordan 8 retro about a month ago.

After paying, they never got back with me to let me know about my order. I emailed them since their phone number was down and I told them that I found out a lot of customer complaints about their site so I asked for my money back. They told me that it will take 4 to 5 weeks to give me my money back because of overseas issue. It's full of *** since it took them 2 days only to process my payment.

I'm on 2nd week now and still waiting. Don't make the same mistake.

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Monetary Loss: $117.

Street Retro - Fake shoes

Cambridge, Massachusetts 0 comments
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Bought a pair of Jordan Cement 4s for my son's birthday and they were very obviously fake. The look terrible and don't even match what the real shoe looks like.

I Should have known when they were shipped from China but I was thinking that Nike makes a lot of shoes there. I Wasted $100 and they say I can ship them back to China (how much will that cost?) and they take out another $20 for a restocking fee.

I called Nike and they already know about this company and their fake shoes. Do not do business with them.

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Monetary Loss: $100.

Street retro scam

Miami, Florida 1 comment
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I bought some shoes from and I received shoes that were dirty, hand painted with glue all over the shoes. DO NOT BUY from this company.

The customer service is terrible there is no manger to speak to and they want me to pay the shipping to send the shoes back and a 20% restocking fee. They offered me a five dollar discount then a thirty dollar discount to keep the shoes.

When I called the company and spoke to a representative they told me they would have some call me back and they never did.This company is a scam if you don't want to deal with the headaches go somewhere else. And the shoes are not real!!!!!!!!

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Monetary Loss: $120.



I recently purchased Jordan 11 Concords and they are terrible. Completely FAKE. DO NOT BUY FROM THIS WEBSITE!

Street Retro - Horrible service from

Chicago, Illinois 13 comments
Not resolved

When the shoes arrived the box was completely destroyed. The shoes were poor quality(visible glue, chipped graphics).

I sent pictures immediately and politely emailed my concerns. They offered me $10 off my next purchase. The shoes I purchased were $100.00 dollars! The company is in China(my fault for not doing more research) and I am really questioning the authenicity of the merchandise.

I recommend that NOBODY do business with this company. Poor quality, poor customer service. Over several emails they bumped the compensation to $30 on another purchase.

No way I would ever send more money that way!

Review about: Nike Shox Torch Ii.



Thank you so much for these reviews! I was about to place an order with them.

Saved me the disappointment and hassle!

Along with the $$$!! Thanks again!


i order the jordan's Olympic 6 retro 2012 and everything about it is fake. i been emailing them and i finally called today and they said they never received any emails for me, but i been having response from them.

so now i request for a refund and they telling me i have to pay for a 20% restocking fee for something they messed up on and i have to wait another 4-6 weeks for a refund, but if i want an exchange they will send it out to me as soon as they receive my trade in. so to all who is considering buying from street retro, i highly recommend not to, but if you wanna paid over price for some fake stuff be my guess.there are three different sites that is connected together, its, and that i know of.

these site are rip off. stay away


They are a f@$$$& scam....Don't not buy from this website!!!!!!


They're stoled to me 150 dollars!!!

and the Customer Service is worst



Thanks guys, I've almost bought 3 pairs from them.. Luckily I found these reviews.. Thanks


For those stating that a refund wasn't issued, cally your credit card immediately and file a claim.


I purchase sneakers from them since April, I never got them, they said they sold out and I never got my refund for $100.00 dollars. I've called them 3 times and each time they put in a refund and said it would take 3-4 weeks, I still have not received it! Pissed!!!!


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HORRIBLE, reporting, they are selling FAKE sneakers. This is a crime and should not be tolerated.


I purchased the LA customs foam posites from street retro and they are so *** fake.. I am highly pissed off and my Bday is 2 days away.. This company should be shut down ASAP !!!!


i was just going to try them out, thank you very helpful indeed.


Thankyou for the review very helpful!


I bought the galaxy one and Nike said they are fake ,DO NOT BUY FROM they sell a lot of fake shoes

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